Never Again

I am quite disheartened right now at the way the Aleppo situation is being played out for various reasons. And yet, I cannot explain my despair and frustration in a single sentence or two. Instead, here are several, in free verse.

You remember me, don’t you?

The fear that united you all by tearing you apart.

The same fear that tore you apart, lest you unite once and for all.

At times, I am one, and then I become the other. Such is my nature.


You exalt me, and yet cower before me.

You are my willing servant, unwilling to untie the noose because at least I, as your master, am familiar.

Even now, I hear the children, as they all remember me in verse:

Ring around the rosie,

A Pocket full of posies,

Ashes, ashes,

We all fall down.

Yes, you ALL fall down.

In a war, there are no winners.

Do not delude yourselves.

There are merely casualties.

And fortunately for you, you are not directly one of them.

This time.

The innocent civilians were not you. Therefore you consider yourselves more superior and advanced.

Let’s rather talk about the politics behind what happened, what is happening.

There are sides to be chosen, boundaries, and lines.

Until then, you sit there.

In fear.

What if you choose wrong and help the terrorists instead?


Inaction is better than helping the dying lives LIVE instead.

You do not want to be duped.

You say you lack all the facts.

And so you sit there on the fence, the image of purity and inaction.

You MUST have somebody to hate. God forbid, you have compassion.

Why bother to listen to those who do wrong? Even if they stand a million strong?

They simply want to push hate in the world. HATE is their agenda.


Ever ask yourselves that?

Resentment doesn’t sprout. It slowly festers beneath the surface.

But all this does not matter to you, or you’d rather forget this fact.

Because then, you’d have to admit that they’re human, and perhaps, you could be wrong.

And so you perch yourselves high among the vultures.

Biding your time.


By the time the lions leave and the carcass remains,  all the vultures have already descended.

You decide THEN to take a stance, to pick a side.

You have all your facts now.

But by then, you are too late.

Too late.

Even the vultures have gone, leaving a skeleton in their wake.

You say you have learned now.

That you have grown wiser.

You won’t make the same mistakes again.

And so you vow, say you’ll remember.

Next time. Next time.



Mother Teresa Quote

Love vs Judgement

What more can I say?

To be unconditionally loved is to undoubtedly be wholly accepted.

Image retrieved from this link.

Before I Die Poem

Before I Die

As someone who has social justice ingrained into their very being, the world can be a very difficult place to live in. There are countless injustices and corruption runs amok as freely as water.

BUT there is also justice in this world, never-ending love, and hope is as abundant as air.

It is during those moments of hopelessness that I remind myself of that one truth that I’ve always held onto as tight as a child who holds onto it’s mother: I cannot save the entire world, but I don’t need to. So long as I can make a difference in even one person’s life, I have truly changed the world for the better.

More than that, I have changed my world for the better. In saving the other, I have saved myself. And so should death cross my threshold, then at that point, I will be prepared. For although my body will perish, I will be certain that my legacy shall not; one more thread will have been woven into the tapestry of humanity in the hopes that someday it can smother the flames that threaten to consume it.


Micro Poem

If you haven’t noticed already, I am a big fan of quotes. However, instead of browsing different websites to find that perfect quote (about “endurance” for instance) I will often times go to Google images and find a quote that way. Sharing a quote as part of an image is something that I often see on the web, and even here on WordPress! However, this practice is not only limited to quotes, people use backgrounds for poems as well!

I’ve combined quotes with images before, but never have I combined a micro poem (that too one that I wrote) with an image. Anyway, I gave it a try and the featured image was the result. I enjoyed the creative process so I may make more in future…we shall see…

Quote of the Day

Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.

~ G.K. Nielson

Intellectually, I’ve known this to be true since I was a child. However, practically applying what you know to be true is easier said than done.

Nevertheless, as I now try to make myself more “employable”, I realize just how true this quote is. Even on WordPress, the most successful people are those who put in the most effort. Go figure.

Regardless, if there is something that you are passionate about, then the only way to be successful in it is by putting in the hours. I have come to like blogging and reading others’ blogs in return. My goal, then, is to become more involved in the blogosphere. It is not going to happen overnight, but it will happen one article at a time…starting with this one.

Winter has Come

The Winter Solstice? The frigid temperatures? The first snowflake? The howling wind?

When does winter truly begin for you?

For me, it begun on January 10, when there seemed an endless supply of falling snow which the wind was intent on blowing in my face. I tread on light feet lest I slip on ice (the child of freezing rain and colder temperatures), but little did I know that that would be the least of my worries that night.

Walking home with thoughts of warm food and blankets near midnight, I was passing by a bus stop on a Sunday when I heard a man calling out, “Excuse me, ma’am!”

As we were the only two people there and he was looking right at me, I naturally stopped on the sidewalk to see what he had to say to me.

With chattering teeth, he asked, “Do you know where I can get a sweater or something from to wear right now?”

It was then that I noticed, upon further examination, that the poor bloke was shivering from the cold. He appeared to be in his mid-twenties and for some reason that I could not fathom, he was wearing a spring jacket. With one earphone dangling, hunched over, and shivering, it seemed that he was waiting for the next bus to arrive. The thing is, I was almost certain that the buses had already stopped running for the night.

As it was, I could think of no nearby place that would be open for him to buy a sweater from, try as I might, and I told him as such.

“But…you live nearby; don’t you have an old sweater or something that I could take?”

The fact was, I had suddenly been accepted to the winter semester of the program I had applied to and had rushed over from another city to attend classes and miss as little as possible…What this meant was that I was temporarily at my sister’s mercy, living with her and wearing her clothes until I could go back home and pack my belongings.

So in regards to his question, I truthfully answered, “I’m sorry but I don’t…I just started school and am just temporarily living with someone who lives in this area.”

At this point, I guess he decided that talking to me was a waste of his energy that could better be used to preserve his body heat because he turned away from me and gazed at the cars passing us by. I, too, decided to go on my merry way whilst hoping that he would be out of the cold and warm soon enough. Just to make sure that this was the case however, I asked him if he had a place to stay the night. He didn’t give me a clear response but as it was clear that my presence was no longer welcome, I begun trodding home once more.

Along this tedious journey to my sister’s house, I could not shake the image of that shivering stranger and my mind was plagued of thoughts of how I could have helped him instead. I could have paid for his cab or I could have given him money to buy something and be out of the cold at that convenience store nearby or…

As my mind churned over what I could have done to help that stranger after the fact (such is the mind of an introvert), a new thought occurred to me that left me even more dejected than before: I had just walked away from one of God’s children. Before, I had been pondering why I had not taken the other route home and why I always seemed to be “in the wrong place at the wrong time”. Now, I wondered if this encounter was no coincidence at all. What if that stranger had been God himself in his many forms? In my infinite wisdom, I had not only failed myself by walking away, I had failed Him (which is infinitely worse).

It was then that I decided to try and find a sweater that my sister wouldn’t miss much to give to him. As only a couple of minutes had elapsed, I hurried home and frantically began searching through my sister’s mess of a room for something, anything to give to this stranger. As he only seemed to need something temporarily, I found an old, large blue hoodie, put it in a plastic bag, and proceeded to call my sister. She didn’t pick up. Again, I called. Again, she didn’t pick up. I hadn’t wanted to take anything of hers without her permission but then I thought, consequences be damned for time is of the essence!

Just as I was shutting her room door though, my sister called me back. I rushed out of the house whilst explaining the circumstances to her. After a brief conversation, I hung up the phone thanking the heavens that she was just as social justice-oriented as I was. Hurrying to the bus stop, I felt high-spirited yet anxious. Only ten minutes had passed but what if he was no longer there? I hadn’t told him I was coming back, after all.

Alas, much to my chagrin, only the biting wind greeted me at my destination. I had been too late. What now? Had he caught the last bus of the day? Had he walked elsewhere in search of help? Was he warm wherever he was? Was he nearby, and if so, could I still catch up to him?

After walking up and down a portion of the street on both directions, I realized that my efforts were futile: he was gone. He had vanished just as surely as I had disappointed myself and Him. Feeling cold and lost, I made my way back home just thinking that if I was this cold now, how cold must he have been earlier? Maybe staying out in the cold searching for him was my punishment. All I could do now was pray and hope that he was safe and warm wherever he was.

Swallowing back tears as I trudged home with my head down, I realized how inconsequential my resolutions for the New Year truly were. I had only been thinking about myself instead of what I had to offer the world. Sniffling, I pleaded with God for forgiveness and I prayed. I prayed for the stranger I had been unable to help. I prayed that next time, I would be able to look beyond my own circumstances and give the very jacket that I was wearing to my fellow human being if need be. But most importantly, I prayed to be kinder with each passing day.